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Best 5 Yonex badminton Shoes in 2020 Review – User Guide


Welcome back to the best badminton shoes.com. Today we review the Best 5 Yonex badminton shoes

Yonex Eclipsion X

 Yonex Eclipsion X Badminton Shoes

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Yonex Eclipsion X shoe was released this year 2020 as well as is brand new shoe line called eclipse in which puts his focus on stability. this model comes in three different colorways blue and orange for men turquoise and yellow for women and a Yonex model for people with wider feet in white and black. Like most of the new Yonex shoes, it utilizes the new power cushion plus technology which has enhanced shock absorption as well as repulsion which provides more comfort and faster footwork.

The rest of the outsole is a rubber Aimee Yonex traditional peg circuit pattern. There are 3 main technologies to the shoe

The first one being the durable skin upper which is a lightweight outer skin that combines the stiffness of hard plastic with the flexibility of rubber for a comfortable secure fit

The second one is the increased stability on the outside of the shoe which is a cheat without sacrificing the flexibility in the forefoot

The third and last technology utilizes the conventional tongue and ankle cushioning unlike its counterpart the Eclipse that.

The Yonex runs sole is designed to provide all-around support for quick and smooth footwork. the round sole in Shaw’s smooth movements and transfer of maximum energy

 Now let’s get an opinion from one of our sponsor coaches Adam our sense key

hey I don’t from wreckage champion here here to present you the brand new Eclipsion X Badminton Shoes these are top-of-the-line Yonex models and these are quite honestly my personal favorite two models from Yonex just so far and then as well these shoes are very comfortable I do like to think of these shoes as the next upgrade from the Yonex shoe threes however the difference between the two is that I find that these ones are just a little bit stiffer so they take just a little more time to break into however once you do I do find that they are remarkably comfortable on the plus side I do find that they do support you quite a bit more due to the stiffness the other main difference is that this lacing is straight rather than curved compared to the SHPO threes which does make the shoe just a little more secure around the foot and a little bit healthier for your arch in general as well as well as the fact that they do seem to be quite durable as well as with the anti wear-resistant material on the outside to prevent any scuff marks

Thank you guys so much for watching our review of the new Eclipse in X let us know your thoughts on this shoe in the comments down below.


Yonex power cushion badminton shoes

Yonex power cushion

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It’s the Yonex power cushion badminton shoes your next men’s power cushion Eclipse you to take your talents to the courts these match ready sneakers enhance your fast footwork with the ultimate in stability and support thus offer a rugged outsole for durability.

The new re-designed fit allows for more room in the toe box as well as providing more midfoot and heel stability to keep everything locked in place. your feet will last in these sneakers with the new power cushion glass and the new agility bolt that you can see take shape at the back of the midsole on to the upper.

The Yonex logo is in white at the upper and tongue double rustle mesh is ultra-lightweight and provides eight times more air exchange than standard mesh fabrics. endurance rubber is extra durable and Round Sole stabilizing technology provides all-around support for intense play on all coat surfaces. Please check the link in the for product information price features detailed review and buying guide

Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 3

Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 3 men's badminton shoes

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It’s the ASICS Women’s Gel badminton shoes whether she’s killing it on the volleyball courts or hanging with the big boys playing a main game of squash the versatility of the 1/6 gel up coat will definitely take her indoor game to new levels synthetic leather and mesh uppers provide breathability and comfort.

Padded collar and tongue provide a comfy internal thick mesh lining and a cushioned sock liner provide ample performance comfort.

Traditional lace of closure for a secure fit real foot gel cushioning system attenuates shock during the impact phase and allows for a smooth transition to mixed ins non-marking rubber outsole for exceptional grip.

Yonex Comfort Z Badminton Shoes

Yonex Comfort Z Badminton Shoes

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The Yonex Comfort Z Badminton Shoes the Shoes were released last year as an upgrade to the very popular comfort Tour shoes

Currently is used by the likes of many singles and doubles players some big names being lee yong-dae from Korea formal world number one in men’s doubles and linden from china five-time world champion in men’s singles

It comes in two colorways the first one being the white and black second one being all black with hints of red

Getting into the technology of the shoe it utilizes the power cushion plush technology in the heel section by adding a special elastic resin this cushioning has 25% more shock absorption and 12% more repulsion providing more comfort and faster forward

But the power cushion is actually built into the entirety of the midsole which reduces stress on your ankles and your knees and disperses the shock

The bottom of the midsole uses hyper feather-light which is a further 10 percent lighter than high-performance missiles which provides greater durability and comfort

Additionally, the tongue and the upper have a new spiral wrap design which provides a more natural fit

Now let’s get into our opinion of the shoe provided by one of our sponsor coaches and I’m Marcin ski

Hey, guys Adam from rocket champion here to present you the Yonex comfort zed shoes these are one of the higher-end Yonex shoes that are available currently right now and I’d like to compare these ones specifically to the Yonex oak trees edge that were from the previous generation. I like to compare these ones in particular because of the tongue is similar in sort of design however I in comparison to the old research are the ankle support for these ones as much more significant much more safe in terms of the grip on the ground I found these shoes are perfectly adequate you can expect same high-quality grip from any guys high-end shoe

The one thing that I would like to mention is that from the and shoes that the youngsters prefer they do often have the anti wear-resistant material on the outside for when you’re lunging but this one does not have that so do keep that in mind the fact that lindane uses these shoes means that they are very good-looking I would agree with him these shoes are absolutely gorgeous to where I find and you look good while you’re playing it for those interested in purchasing their way into one of the higher ends Fuji onyx shoes these are definitely the ones to look out for thank you guys

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